Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Pa!!!

I woke up this morning and i remember that today is Father's day. Since my fathers is not here and i cannot greet him personally because he is in Sudan,so i grab my phone and sent him a message to greet him on one of his special day. Well everyday is special day for our Papa.To our Papa Santos...

"Happy Father's day Pa! Thank you for everything that you've done to us. Thanks you for being a responsible father to the 4 of us and you've done your role as a father and as a friend as well pretty good and i salute you to that. I just wanted to say sorry if there were times that we had some misunderstanding and im such a hard headed kid. Always remember that we are going to take care of you till the end. Ok? Stay cool  as a dad always! Love you Pa!"

Grad Pic last Mar 2008

And to all the fathers out there continue showering your family with love, guidance, respect and support

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