Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When I was a kid i was tagged as "payatot" minsan pa nga "kawayan" by my highschool friends, kasi nga i was so skinny back then (parang jeans lang...hehehe). The question is may pinagbago ba?

February last year i decided to hit the gym within the area malapit sa inuupahan naming apartment in sta mesa. I weighed 110lbs back then. It all started with the “kanstaw” of my colleagues telling me na I’m to thin to take my shirt off sa company outing mahiya naman daw ako. So I told them that before the company outing you will see the changes. That was how it all begun.

I felt so stupid because I don’t know how to use the other equipments. By the power of the internet I’ve searched each every equipments sa gym and learned how to used it and which body part will benefit.

After a few months changes was observed by my friends and at first I was hesitant to tell them kasi nahihiya ako. Pero when I got another feedback from other people I told them already that I worked out once in awhile.

Sa tingin ko medyo mabagal-bagal ang changes kasi hindi naman ako regular sa gym because of my work. From 110lbs before now I weigh 144lbs. Not bad right? Pero konti pa I need to hit the target of 160lbs for my height.

Its for you judge base on my pictures before and after.hehehe…

Galera way back in November 2008

Club Manila East April 2010

Did you see the changes? Wala pa akong abs pero I’m working on it and to have a firm legs.hehehe… ; )

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