Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From the recently concluded Golden Globes Awards I was really curious how good the movie "The Social Network" is.  Being the winner of the Best Picture (Drama) makes me more eager to see the movie even it was too late for me. I was not attracted to watch the movie because I thought it was a another lame movie and sayang lang ang pera.

"Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss received a settlement of 65 million dollars and signed a non-disclosure agrrement. They rowed for the US Olympic Team in Beijing and placed sixth".

"Eduardo Saverin received an unknown settlement. His name has been restored to the Facebook masthead as a co-founder".

"Facebook has 500 million members (still counting) in 207 countries. Its currently valued at 25 billion dollars".

"Mark Zuckerburg is the youngest billionaire in the world".

Well I'm wrong the movie was not lame and it is right for the movie to win some awards. Even it was too late for me to watch the movie, I do recommend for you guys who haven't seen it, to watch the movie The Social Network.

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