Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brief or Boxers

Guys like use are wearing either brief or boxers. And until now i guess the debate on that part is not yet over on which of the two is comfortable to wear.

For me I have im comfortable on which i will wear and it depends on my mood. How often do I wear brief instead of boxer shorts? Ako i wear brief if i'm going to gym because i need some support on my balls. ;)

I wear boxers in ordinary days. And of course if i'm not going to the gym. I wear it if i just stay home and even if going out with friends and and the office as an alternative under garments and  it is so much comfortable and i get use to it.

What i'm thinking right now is instead of having a colored briefs i'll just have plain white or black undies. Which i think is pretty sexy and masculine when i wear it. :)


  1. dito sa pinas minsan may tao na parehong sinusuot ang boxer at briefs. :p

  2. i usually use boxers when going to bed.. briefs when going out.. both when going to the beach.. :P

  3. briefs pa rin for maximum support. ang hirap kasi pag naka boxers, awkward ung feeling na may aalog alog sa pagitan ng hita e.

    pero boxers pag matutulog na sa gabi - for easy access.

  4. mga repapips okie lng yan kung saang comfortable ang ating jr. yun ang suotin natin as long as hindi sya masasaktan. sya ang bestfriend natin...hehehe...